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I'm Living With Who?

The prospect of living with a complete stranger is exciting for some students and scary for other students. Some students prefer to live with someone they know while others seek to expand their social circle. This is a personal decision, and Housing staff is ready to assist with the decision making process.

On the Housing Application, students are encouraged to list friends with whom they would like to live. It is important that names are spelled correctly and that each friend lists the other friend; it must be mutual. Also, the application has a short roommate preference questionnaire that asks about living habits and preferences. This data is then used to match students with similar likes and preferences. However, if a student moves in during the academic year, roommate preferences are more difficult to accommodate.

Roommate preferences for new students for each fall semester will have the highest chance of being accommodated if paid applications of all roommates are received by April 1. Thereafter, students will be assigned on a space available basis.